From birth, Texas born Consuelo Kickbusch has been rising above and beating the odds. She overcame poverty, discrimination, and illiteracy to become the successful community leader that she is today. Lacking material wealth, Consuelo’s immigrant parents taught her to value her culture, traditions, values and faith.

Though she started her journey from humble beginnings, Consuelo studied at Hardin Simmons University and rose to become the highest- ranking Hispanic woman in the Combat Support Field of the U.S. Army.

She was instilled with countless invaluable lessons from her military career but eventually retired to fulfill her mother’s dying wish to return to her roots and become a community leader. She then founded the Educational Achievement Services, Inc. maintaining a strong dedication to saving the youth of America by mentoring students and parents across the United States. In addition to her work with American youth, Consuelo reaches audiences in corporate, professional, non-profit and multicultural markets.

She has been a featured speaker for corporations and government agencies and has been instrumental in developing the leadership attributes and peak performance of their employees. She firmly believes that businesses and corporations need strong leaders along with a talented, diverse workforce in order to compete successfully in the global marketplace. She shares this philosophy with her clients which include: Costco, Dell, the Department of Education, Girl Scouts of the USA, Walmart and Verizon.

Consuelo’s mission is to prepare tomorrow’s leaders by investing in their talents and passing the torch. Her insight will be extremely valuable as she presents on “Intergenerational Leadership: Creating Synergies across Generational Lines”.