Dr Donna Marino excels in helping executives and business leaders move from frustrated and overwhelmed to innovative, energized, and focused. Dr Donna helps leaders perform head and shoulders above the rest, but without sacrificing their family or burning out. She turns High Achievers into Wise Leaders.

With over 20-years of experience in human potential and transformational change, Dr Donna is an expert in making powerful connections. She helps businesses uncover blind-spots, rewire the brains of leaders, and enables people to permanently adopt the habits that will make them successful in the world. Her clients find themselves fulfilling their mission more effectively and experiencing greater health, happiness, and relationships after her interventions.

Her insights have propelled her to become a sought after keynote speaker appearing with TEDx and various podcasts, as well as an author and frequent contributor to Thrive Global.

Dr Donna has single-handedly saved organizations through her change strategies that encourage businesses to reflect on their values. As such, she is the most pertinent speaker to present on “The Fundamentals of a Great Organizational Culture”