Dr Terri-Karelle Reid is one of the most well-loved media personalities in Jamaica. Known for her quirky combination of earthy wit and ebullience grounded in excellence, grace and elegance, Terri-Karelle has remained unapologetically authentic and unorthodox, using her multiple platforms to inspire, challenge and motivate. From adding the zest to Jamaica’s top television shows, to tactfully addressing country leaders and dignitaries, Dr Terri-Karelle Reid embodies “The Human Ethernet”; the connector of people and dots.


Terri-Karelle remains at the top of the list of sought-after hosts for corporate and public events in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Whether it is adding zest and energy to one of the most popular TV shows in Jamaica, Digicel Rising Stars; addressing dignitaries at the most prestigious events; moderating some of the most high-level panel discussions or introducing some of the world’s most powerful personalities and brands at the INMA Global Media Awards, she never fails to bring professional poise and poetic eloquence to the task at hand. 


Though a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine – Terri-Karelle transitioned into the world of media, public relations, marketing, and management after her studies. She has worked as a PR exec with RISARC Consulting in Los Angeles; general manager of Spartan Health Club; and online brand manager of The Gleaner Company (Media) Ltd, where she was responsible for innovating successful digital marketing strategies for the oldest news media in the English-speaking Caribbean. Today, Terri-Karelle commands diverse audiences across the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and the USA with her highly animated and charismatic personality. She has built a brand of excellence in the world of event hosting, speaking, online branding and storytelling.

Her infectious personality and welcoming persona have made Terri-Karelle a staple to this conference. The Leadership Series is pleased to have Terri-Karelle once again!