Jeremy is an award-winning industry trailblazer, who leads the internationally renowned Performance Works International (PWI); a company pushing executive boards, leaders and teams to excel in today’s rapidly changing digital climate. He and his team advise top business leaders, sales and human resource professionals on the best practices for driving cultural change at the operational level, within an organization.


With his 30 years of experience as a corporate leader, Jeremy has mastered business transformation techniques and uses this expansive knowledge so that his clients can achieve commercial success in an array of industries. Through his company, he encourages top leaders and managers around the world to develop effective strategies that will trigger digital and human transformations in their modern workplace.


Jeremy does not limit his expertise to use only in the UK. He has shared his knowledge around the world by launching successful businesses and remarkably turning underperformance into business excellence. Among his notable world experience is his 7-year tenure as CEO for an international consultancy company based in Singapore. There, he led a team, delivering leadership advice to clients across the Asian continent.


Jeremy is also academically astute, holding a BA from Sheffield University and a Master of Management in International Business from the Australian Institute of Business. He is proudly a Fellow of the Institute of Directors in London, U.K.   


Those close to Jeremy describe him as “humble” and “keen to learn from others”; characteristics he has maintained throughout his career. He regularly graces the stage at conferences and seminars, where he headlines as the keynote speaker and has authored 30 industry publications and a bestselling book. Jeremy will walk us through his journey of becoming an international leader, as he leads the discussion on “The Enlightened Leader: Leading At All Levels”.