One of Grenada’s most acclaimed leaders, Judy is the undisputed expert on organizational design, talent management, employee development and training. With more than 20 years of leadership experience under her belt, Judy helps businesses achieve customer service excellence and deliver value to customers.

She’s not your typical HR consultant, as her leadership ideology underscores the need for organizational efficiency at all levels. Through this mandate, she works with businesses to identify and address gaps in their human resource, processes, and systems. Sought after for her honesty and efficiency, Judy has consulted for companies across the Caribbean, North and Central America. Her certification as a John Maxwell teacher has enabled her to work with companies in several industries including, finance, manufacturing, telecommunications and retail. One of her passions is empowering women in the corporate and entrepreneurial spaces, so they can realize their own power and “Own Their Badass”.

When she isn’t providing organizational advice to the region’s biggest companies, she’s contributing her knowledge as a writer to two popular online magazines: NOW Grenada and Thrive Global. She is committed to creating value for others and uses her writing as an avenue to help create impact and achieve this purpose.

Apart from her professional accolades, Judy holds an MBA in International Business from the University of the West Indies and a Master of Applied Psychology from the University of South Wales.

Years of collaborating with companies to solve their people problems have taught her the best practices for fostering a healthy work environment. That’s why, she will grace the stage presenting on the topic, “Creating Better Employee Experiences”