When it comes to inclusion, P.S Perkins is a renowned and award-winning expert. The Founder and Chief Creative Officer of the Human Communication Institute, P.S. boasts 25 years of extensive education, training and curriculum development in Human Communications practices.  

P.S specializes in the art and science of communication and educates others on how this science can be used to create a healthy and inclusive environment. She uses an intricate staircase system to train and educate people on the communication practices that can support families, organizations, and businesses. She shares her knowledge as an inclusion and diversity specialist, motivational speaker and trainer, presenting on topics including Inclusion and Diversity the Next Generation, Adult and Youth Behavioral Communication, Leadership Communication, Interpersonal Relationship Maintenance, Workplace Communication and Cultural Sensitivity within Community. She shares her lessons and wisdom with budding communication and diversity leaders as an Instructor of Human Communication at the University of the District of Columbia and Prince George’s Community College.

P.S. is the author of the highly acclaimed business self-help book, The Art and Science of Communication: Tools for Effective Communication in the Workplace and has contributed to other book titles including Laws of Communication, Hallelujah Anyhow, among others. As a versatile communicator herself, she also writes short stories, poetry and prose for a variety of journals, magazines, and community resources.

Her charisma and knowledge will surely illuminate this year’s conference as she speaks on Creating Diversity and Inclusion in Leadership.