Randyll Pandohie is an artificial intelligence genius with a Caribbean focus. He began to nurture his interest in the budding subject, by actively working in the field of data science across multiple domains, such as environmental science, oil and gas, finance and banking and education. 

Currently, Randyll serves as the IT Applications Manager for The University of the West Indies, Open Campus, and the Roster of Expert for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. In this work experience, he has employed his unique skills and knowledge working on various business intelligence projects. Most notably, he was instrumental in implementing AI to enhance the tracking of emissions in the Caribbean region and developed a Knowledge Management System for Trinidad and Tobago to track, report and verify these emissions. 

Randyll holds a BSc in Computer Science and Management, MS. in Computer Science and is a Fulbright scholar presently pursuing a PhD in Big Data Analytics at the University of Central Florida.

Randyll believes that AI will soon transform businesses in the Caribbean, and therefore, knowledge and understanding is key.  In a world that’s becoming increasingly more automated, Randyll will share his wisdom by speaking on, “Using A.I to Fuel The Future”