Business savant, Remmy Castillo, has a unique insight on how businesses can use digital platforms to generate massive sales. He’s spent years learning these tricks and many more as a serial entrepreneur across multiple industries.

Remmy started in the precious metals industry where he and his management team were responsible for over half a billion in sales. He didn’t limit himself only to this position and began tinkering with digital media as the host of numerous national infomercials. His presence on these infomercials generated a staggering $47 million in sales and landed him features on Fox, CNBC, BLOOMBERG and countless other networks.

Most recently he served as the CEO of Moonshine Sweet Tea, a beverage brand, where he spent five years actively securing major deals with Walmart, Target, and thousands other retailers. Being the tenacious entrepreneur he is, Remmy shifted his energy to birthing Members Travel. The company enables people to travel and spend quality time together without having to overpay. Today, Remmy is working on a new project with one of his mentors to open a Gold and Silver IRA division in Arizona.

Apart from his business undertakings, Remmy enjoys sharing his industry knowledge and life lessons as a global motivational speaker, and has presented on a wide range of topics including mindset and disruptive leadership. He has also trained thousands of sales professionals and executives across the globe.

He loves helping others and is excited to share his story as he presents on Digitization for Greater Organizational Efficiency and Productivity.