With a host of new challenges and responsibilities to tackle, new managers and supervisors need training that help them adjust in their new role. This workshop introduces participants to the fundamental tenets of management and covers topics such as goal setting, motivation, leadership, planning, organizing, communication, delegating and team building. It is designed to be engaging, interactive and informative.

In this two-day program, participants will get a good understanding of team dynamics, the importance of effective communication and the basic principles of leadership. Participants will learn techniques and build skills necessary to effectively manage their team. Specifically, they will be able to:

  • Clarify the scope and nature of your new role.
  • Learn strategies to effectively deal with the challenges of the role.
  • Critically examine the responsibilities they have as a manager, to themselves, their team, and the organization.
  • Learn key techniques to help them plan and prioritize effectively.
  • Acquire a very good understanding of leadership, team building, communication, and motivation, and what part they play in effective supervision.
  • Develop strategies for engaging their team, giving feedback, and resolving conflict


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